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Marijuana is commonly used for recreational purposes; however, it has also medicinal properties that have been recently recognised legally. Marijuana has been used as medicinal herb in the olden days, however, due to its abused usage; it has become a controlled substance in the modern world. Although many states have legalized the use of marijuana in the medical world, many people are sceptical of its benefits as a user can easily become addicted to it if not monitored and controlled.

There are many advantages of using marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is mainly used as a pain reliever by patients who cannot be subjected to more side affect. As marijuana is a product if nature, many people argue that there are no side effects unlike modern medicine. However, prolong used and abused of marijuana has been found to be very damaging, especially to the brain and male reproductive system.

Marijuana growers, either for medicinal purpose or for recreational purposes, are always on a look out the best cannabis seeds. Strain suppliers also inventing more and more varieties of strains. Hybrid strains are the most sought after by growers as they contained high quality of cannabinoids. Northern Lights seeds is one of the sought after seeds by growers and users because of its smell and taste. Northern Lights seeds also provide one of the best highs that last for hours and it give the users euphoric feeling and is also considered a relaxing high amongst the many varieties of cannabis.

sour diesel seedsThere are many trusted and reliable cannabis strains suppliers. Ontario seed bank is one of the authorized suppliers of various brands of cannabis strains. Different varieties of hybrid or common strains are available with Ontario seed bank. You can also get feminized or hermaphrodites seeds with seeds suppliers. Depending on whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, you can also choose the kind f cannabis strains you want.