Clarifying Sensible Products In does weed make you dumb

does weed make you stupid

The study failed to take into account does weed make you stupid which have since been shown to have a larger impact on both marijuana use, other environmental factors, and a decline in the intelligence of young people.

If you consider questioning does weed make you stupid, then it’s a misconception quite simply, that bud causes your IQ to drop or that smoking pot makes you stupid. Studies from prestigious institutions such as Duke University that point out a correlation simply serve to further scare off people who could reap the benefits of marijuana while this misconception ‘s been around for quite a while. The reality is that reputable studies demonstrate little chance of a connection between smoking dope and a reduced IQ, although they indicate other possible connections to IQ drop.

A 2012 study in the Duke University has led us to believe, in part at least, that smoking cannabis can be damaging to the wisdom of young people. This can be especially prevalent during adolescent development, i.e., during the teen years and into early maturity, with the study concluding that marijuana use contributes to:

To warrant the question does marijuana make you slow, a large study was conducted on UK teenagers. Among the study’s writers said the notion that cannabis use itself is casually related to lower poorer educational performance and IQ was not supported in this large teen sample. After following 2235 teens for seven years the team came to their findings. The teens who participated had their IQs initially tested at 15 and again at the age of 8.

While opponents of cannabis are quick to claim that marijuana damages the brain, there’s a healthy body of research to imply exactly the reverse. Studies like 2015’s Journal of Neuroscience research demonstrated that weed doesn’t kill brain cells and the truth is, that the cannabinoids comprised within the herb might actually help rebuild them. So, the following time someone requests you does weed kill brain cells, you might decide to let them know the truth is really the opposite.